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Places of Interest in mcleodganj...

Courtyard of  Kunal Pathridevi temple


Kunal Pathridevi temple


1) Triund Hill:-


It is one of the very popular and easy  trekking spots in Himalayas which can be easily accomplished by any age group in a single day trek. it attracts a lot of tourists every year from India as well as abroad.

This route had been traditionally being used by local Gaddi shepherds (original residents of Dharmshala-Mcleodganj), who cross this path to reach Chamba town on the other side.

It is located at a height of 2842 meters above

sea level and at a distance of 9 km from Mcleodganj.

 The route to triund leads through the beautiful

forests of Oak, deodar and rhododendron.

Apart from this visitors can see many trees with

artistic shape which are molded by strong winds for

years and in the spring season one can witness many

wild flowers.

Once on top, on a clear day visitors can have a  perfect view of mighty Dhauladhars on one side and Kangra valley with beautiful layers of hills housing small villages spread below,on the other side. There is a temple dedicated to Shri Kunal Pathri Devi located at the highest point of triund hill , from here one can have clear view of Dharmshala and mighty Dhauladhar is closest to feel from here. 

The trek to triund starts from Bhagsunag temple.It's a 4 hour trek from here and on the way up you will get two refreshment shops or Chai shops as locally called "MAGIC VIEW CAFE" and "BEST VIEW CAFE". There is one cafe named "SNOWLINE CAFE" at top of triund(at a height of 3200 m above sea level and at a distane of 3km) as well, so no need to worry about food and other stuff but yes you have to shell out some extra money as foods and other items are little expensive because of transportation. Visitors can plan a one day trip or can stay at top overnight and feel the magic of star shows in the night. In the morning when sun rays touch snow capped peaks of Dhauladhars they become simply magnificent to watch and turn golden in colour. Take out your camera and capture some of the most mesmerizing views which will stick to your memory for whole life.

Visitors who are here on longer stays can spend their night either at Triund hill (in tents or forest department guest house) or can stay in tents near Snowline Cafe.

Kunal pathri temple is further up from Snowline cafe

and need almost one hour trek to reach there.

From temple visitors can have complete view of

triund and extended view of Dharmshala and Kangra.

The next stop after temple is a green meadow known as LAKA or ILLAKA which serves as the base camp for shepherds and trekkers going over the INDRAHAR PASS to Chamba Valley.

This place is also famous as Laka glacier or Laka Got.Here visitors can witness the remains of old forest department rest house and shelters built by shepherds. Glacier fed rivulet,around this area is definitely of worth watching and capturing some stills. 

Follow the trails marked as red arrow on the rocks for about another km and you will reach a naturally formed rock cave known as LAHESH CAVE.

Lahesh cave serves as the second point of halt

for many as it is exactly at the base of

Indrahar Pass and the trail from here for

Indrahar pass is of another one km.

Lahesh cave can easily accommodate 20 people.  

Once you are at Indrahar Pass, you are at top of Dhauladhar range and stand between Chamba valley and Kangra valley. The views from here are so amazing that we have no words to describe it until you see it yourself. Capture as many stills as you can for your memories. 

Indrahar pass is also known as the gateway between Chamba and Kangra Valley. From here one need to carefully follow the trails marked by shepherds as getting lost from the path is very easy.

Guides for trekking up till  Triund or Snowline cafe are not necessary as the path is very simple and you  will be happy to put the navigator inside you at work along with saving the unnecessary expense.

​However, hiring a local guide for trekking up to Indrahar pass or even Lahesh Cave is strongly advisable, as they are very well versed with the path and climate as well. 

For couples out here on adventurous trip, guides can serve the purpose of Photographer as well and believe us some of them are very good at it. 

Guides can be easily arranged at any point in Mcleodganj. You just have to ask for them at any shop or at your hotel.

Every visitor must visit triund if in Mcleodganj or Dharmshala, as it is totally worth of all the pain one has to take while visiting.

 The best time to visit triund is from may to November,however it is open throughout the year.

Lahesh Cave

Space inside Lahesh Cave