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Standing tall at a height of around

2030m amidst the dense green

forests of Western Ghats,

Banasura hill is the second highest

peak in Wayanad, after chembra peak.

The hill got its name from an Indian legend about a demon king named Banasura who had performed severe penance on the top of the hill while worshipping lord Shiva to seek his blessings in order to become very powerful and immortal. According to local legends he was a regular visitor to these lands of Kerala during the Onam festival and was also very respectable by the local people. Hence the hill was christened Banasura hill after him.

The area around Banasura Hill with its

thick forests and rich wildlife are home

to the indigenous Kurichiya tribe-a tribe

with a strong martial art tradition. 

The people of this tribe were the main

ally of Kerala Verma Pazhasi Raja, who

revolted against the British for imposing

exorbitant tax on agricultural products.

Pazhasi Raja was forced to flee from his

palace, and seek refuge in the jungles of 

Wayanad with his wife and some trusted


During this sojourn in the​ jungles,

he came across these tribal men who

were exceptionally good marksmen and with bows and arrows. The forests of Banasura hill formed an ideal hunting ground for the Kurichiyas and the numerous natural caves in the area close to perennial water courses, made it the ideal hide out for the Raja as well. The Kurichiyas who had intimate knowledge of the topography offered their help. With their support, the Raja engaged the British in a long drawn guerrilla war. One of the Kurichiya tribal hamlets is still in existence at the foot of the Banasura Hill about 5 km from the resort. They still recount stories of how their forefathers helped the Raja in his fight against the British.

Banasura hill is easily accessible from a small town called Padinjarethara. Padinjarethara lies off the state highway from Kalpetta to Mananthavady. You can reach Padinjarethara easily from kalpetta via bus from pinangode junction near the market.

One can see Banasura hill standing tall

amidst the cotton clouds from the highway

itself before entering the town of

Padinjarethara. Hope for a clear day so

you get brilliant views of the surrounding.

Everything you see depends entirely on

fog and clouds.

Visitors to the Banasura hill are advised to take food and other necessary things for their journey from Padinjarethata as after that it is very difficult to get anything.

After Padinjarethara one need to reach Kappikulam. People can hire auto from padinjarethara costing almost 100rs.

Visitors to the Banasura hill need to take

the permission from the Forest

departmentoffice at north Wayanad.

The ticket counter is located in

Kappikulamby the name of Meenmutty

Eco tourism center.

It is named after a nearby waterfall in

the area which locals call as Meenmutty.

This is not the more famous and larger

meenmutty falls near Vaduvanchal . 

This meenmutty falls lies on the right

sideof the trail which need to be

followedforthe Banasura hill trekking.

Forest department offers different types of trekking options-
        - 3 hours easier trekking- cost 750rs for a group of 10. 
        - Half day easy to moderate trekking- cost 1200 INR for group of 10.
        - Full day moderate to tough trekking- cost 1500 INR for group of 5.

It is highly recommended to hire a guide as the terrain is very long and difficult. Guide charges will be additional upon these trekking packages and depends purely on them. Better to fix the cost before starting the trek.

Banasura hill is a little smaller as compared to Chembra peak but way more difficult to trek than the latter.The difficulty level of trekking to Banasura hill has been rated as moderate to high and has given grief to many experienced trekkers.

Banasura trekking is a great mixture of various terrains such as steep climbing, muddy path, forest, rocky, plain grassland, and dense virgin forest.

The trekking to Banasura hill will take you through:-
        - initial 1-1.5kms of steep muddy path through forest
        -then another 1km of rocky forest land
        -then around 3kms of plain grassland
        -then another 2 kms of steep rocky grassland
        -And finally the most difficult last 1-1.5kms of dense virgin forests.

For most part of this trail visitors will have to walk beside an electrified fence. It is important to know that this fence is electrically powered after the sunset, so be careful if you find yourself trekking by it at night.

While on the path you will come across various beautiful streams which will quench your thirst and provide a soothing spots to relax for few minutes.

Banasura hill is part of a range of three hills along with Kattu Kunnu peak and Sayippu Kunnu peak.
Forest department arranges half day trekking for Kattukunnu, which is relatively easier. It is said that on top of this peak one can always feel a moderate wind and hence the name is Kattu kunnu (local for Windy mountain.)

Forest department also arranges trekking to Sayippu Kunnu peak which is a full day affair and is relatively more difficult that Kattu kunnu but way more easier than Banasura hill trek. This peak got this name after a foreigner who believed to have lived here with his family. There is a rocky structure over the mountain which resembles the foreigner, his wife, son and their dog. 

Banasura hill rewards the courageous

visitors with anspectacula view of the

surrounding including the Banasura sagar

and the misty peaks of the adjacent hills. 

During clear days one can spot all the

28 islands of Banasura sagar.

The combination of the green

mountains, blue waters of

Banasura sagar and the clear sky will

just awe inspire in you.

Though cameras cannot catch all the

details but whatever it can, try to keep for your memory which you will cherish for your lifetime.

Banasura hill Distance:

Kalpetta: 24 kms, Sulthan Bathery: 47kms, Mananthavady: 34kms

Banasura hill trekking timing:


Banasura hill Contact no: Hydel Tourism Department- 0493 6273562

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Banasura hill

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Best time to Visit:-  Throughout the Year.

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Banasura hill



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