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Wayanadtraveller'sis a part of the 1600 km long Western Ghats and lies in the Nilgiris biosphere reserve. Comprising of dense forests with rich flora and fauna, elevated hills, islands, serene rivers, lakes and waterfalls, the natural scenic beauty of Wayanad has many out-of-the-ordinary attractions in its kitty- almost everything for a delight. 

Mountains and forests intersperse to create numerous outdoor trails, trekking routes and opportunities for many adventure seekers. 

Trekking in Wayanad gives a chance to explore the myriad forms of life that thrive in the lush tropical forests in the Western Ghats and wet your feet in the garrulous gurgles as the water meanders merrily through the rippling streams under a canopy of lush green foliage.

The hills, rocks and valleys which contribute to the very unique terrain of Wayanad provide for exceptional adventure experiences. Adventure tourism goes hand in hand with upstanding rocks and uneven terrains of forest filled landscape. As a result, the area is getting more popular among adventure tourists. 

With vast areas still unexplored, Wayanad is truly an adventurescape, waiting to be discovered.

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Settled in the picturesque region of Wayanad, Neelimala view point is famous for its panoramic location which offers the fascinating view of the Meenmutty falls enveloped in its encahnting surrounding.

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Banasura hill, Wayanad Kerala



Protruding above the soft clouds and standing tall at a height of 2100m above sea leve amidst the green misty hills of Western Ghats, Chembra peak is the tallest peak in Wayanad. At the same time it is also the most famous and the safest trekking site in Wayanad. 

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Chembra Peak, Wayanad Kerala

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Neelimala View Point in Wayanad Kerala
Treehouses in Wayanad

Wayanad being a part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve and Western ghat is home to a very rich wildlife.  In the sylvan solitude of this land, perched at a height of 1740 m above sea level lies another picturesque sleepy little place known as Pakshipathalam.

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Standing tall at a height of around 2030m amidst the dense green forests of Western Ghats, Banasura hill is the second highestpeak in Wayanad, after chembra peak.

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary, Wayanad

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Police Control Room:- 04936 - 202525
General Hospital: 04936 - 202037, 255228, 221444

Time Zone:-GMT+5.30

Language:-    Malayalam, English and Hindi 

Currency:-    Indian Rupee, Other currencies can                            be changed at various authorized                              centers.

Weather:-  Summer (April to September): 22°C - 32° C
                  Winter (November to February): 12°C - 19° C


Best time to Visit:-  Throughout the Year.

Distances:-  Coachin- 300 km, Kozhikode- 85 km,

                      Bangalore- 270 km,Mysore-120km,



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