WAYANAD :God's Own District in God's Own Country

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​Welcome to  Wayanad :- A Green Paradise.

Wayanad is part of NILGIRI Biosphere reserve which has been declared as "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO

2135 sq Km of the area, spread across altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 meters above the sea level, Nestled among the Mountains of Western Ghats and standing tall on the southern tip of the Deccan Plateau, "with lofty ridges and rugged terrain interspersed with Wild Forest, Dense Jungle and Deep Valleys", Altogether form this wonderful green paradise called as WAYANAD.

It is located in North-Eastern part of   "KERALA:- God's Own Country".

The tourist places in Wayanad are famous for its greenery, wildlife, waterfalls, mountains and Tea-Coffee plantations.

It is the crown jewel of Kerala, which attracts many visitors because of its Wide Forests, Amazing Wildlife, Sparkling Waterfalls, Beautiful Lakes and tall mountains. 

It provides spectacular views with green hills wooded with many trees and cut across by rivers and edged by beautiful lakes.

Fusion of culture, history, amazing atmosphere,incredible climate and fun complete this compelling kaleidoscope.

​Wayanad's history dates back  to prehistoric times.  Eddakal caves and rock art engravings found inside the caves  exhibit the earliest traces of human life. 

​​After India's independence when State of Kerala came to existence, Wayanad was divided between Kannur and Kozhikode district.

 Later in year 1980 North Wayanad and South Wayanad were carved out from these two districts and 12th district of Kerala was formed and named WAYANAD.



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Medical Emergency:- 04936-203906, 04935-240390

Police Control Room:- 04936 - 202525
General Hospital: 04936 - 202037, 255228, 221444

Time Zone:-GMT+5.30

Language:-    Malayalam, English and Hindi 

Currency:-    Indian Rupee, Other currencies can                            be changed at various authorized                              centers.

Weather:-  Summer (April to September): 22°C - 32° C
                  Winter (November to February): 12°C - 19° C


Best time to Visit:-  Throughout the Year.

Distances:-  Coachin- 300 km, Kozhikode- 85 km,

                      Bangalore- 270 km,Mysore-120km,


​​​​​​​​ wAYANAD is easily reachable from all parts of the country. 

​Kozhikode (Calicut) Airport is the nearest domestic as well as International airport located at a distance of around 100 km. It is well connected with other major airports of India and a majority of airports of Gulf (middle east) area.
 Other Major airports near Wayanad are:-
            Bangalore Airport:- around 270km away and then well connected by NH 212 (domestic and                                                International)
            Cochin Airport:-  around 300km away (domestic and International)
All these airports are major airports in the region and are well connected with other major airports of India as well as with neighboring countries.


CULTURE:- With cultural treasures and a beautiful setting make Wayanad a paradise for its visitors.The temples, Caves, Museums and wildlife boast about the rich Culture of this green Paradise.

ARCHITECTURE:- Wayanad is home to some of the very magnificent Temples and structures which are renowned for their artistic architecture. The superb architecture of these monuments boasts about the rich legacy of this place.  Raised in the picturesque surroundings of Wayanad, these monuments are worth spending a few moments with your loved ones.

ROMANCE:- With the wooded ridges of Wayanad hills surrounded by various lakes and waterfalls,Wayanad has a setting of romance which everyone craves for. 

LOCATION:-​  The picturesque location of Forests with lakes and Waterfalls, makes it a unique destination and a paradise for Photographers, nature lovers, bird watchers and others too.

VARIETY:- Its surroundings offer an incredible variety of tourist attractions with its picturesque landscape, lakes, Waterfalls, temples and wildlife. It is also famous for its lively people, bustle of its small markets, the tranquility of lakes,  the amazing wildlife and lovely countryside to explore.

SAFETY:- People of Wayanad are very friendly and helpful; should you have any problems, talk immediately to the nearest shop, restaurant or bystander and ask for help.

WELCOMING:- It's a friendly place and welcoming to all visitors and families with children, and open to everyone.

Wayanad with its picturesque landscape, forests, temples, lakes and waterfalls is a major destination for most tourists, both domestic and foreign nationals visiting the state. It surely has a lot to offer to its visitors.  ​​​​

All the tourist places in Wayanad make it a perfect destination for a vacation.



I am Jitendra, a 29 year old MARINE ENGINEER from Mumbai, India.
I am a Husband, a Son and a Brother who supports my  family.


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The splendid district of Wayand has many things on display for you through its lakes, caves, temples, museums, wildlife etc. Whatever is your area of interest, Wayanad has all the surprises for you. But while planning a trip to this Green paradise, you must consider paying attention to its weather, so that you can enjoy the grandeur of it to the maximum limit. 

Weather here generally remains warm and pleasing all through the year.
Wayanad observes three main seasons, summer (March-June), monsoon (July-September) and winter (October-February), like any other Indian city.

Being the coastal state, Kerala has a tropical climate. But Wayanad is a hilly district and hence here the days remain warm during the months between April and June with temperatures hovering around

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